Duy Beni / Cuj me online sa prevodom

Duy Beni / Cuj me online sa prevodom

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1Sezona 1 Jul. 07, 2022

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Serija Duy Beni / Cuj me online sa prevodom besplatno u HD. Sve epizode Duy Beni / Cuj me sa prevodom online gledaj sad.

The life of high school student Ekim, who lives in a humble neighborhood, is shaken by a tragic event that takes place in front of her eyes: her best friend Leyla is injured in a hit-and-run accident. The car disappears inside a prestigious private school, attended by the richest kids of the city. When the neighbors demand justice, the school tries to bury the news by giving scholarships to three studious teenagers from the neighborhood. Ekim, Bekir and Ayşe are chosen, but they soon realize that their life is about to get harder. Yet, Ekim has no intention of letting this go quietly, and there is one thing she is sure of: the criminal is one of the students. While she tries to uncover this dark secret and ensure justice, she will be troubled by her emotions as her heart is turned upside down.

Originalni naziv Duy Beni
IMDb ocena 8.571 7 glasova
Prva epizoda Jul. 07, 2022
Zadnja epizoda Oct. 20, 2022
Broj sezona 1
Broj epizoda 30
Trajanje epizoda 130 minuta